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the world is a strange place right now. some people are now working from home. others have completely lost their jobs. many are on the front lines battling this virus. people are scared, anxious, stressed, sad, angry, feeling isolated, etc. sometimes I feel like I'll just wake up and it will all be a wild dream.

usually this time of year you'd see us bringing all of our new spring pieces to you. while we do have a few pieces to launch (hopefully later this week), a challenge retailers are facing is one that we did not expect or understand the full extent of until recently, in the way of product. we are also seeing a steep decline in customer spending for obvious reasons since they aren't shopping the way they normally would. 

massive changes and complete disruption of business is very true for many types of businesses. there is so much uncertainty. there's isn't a clear understanding of how long this will last or the effects all of this will have on us, our small businesses or the economy. 

remember to support those small businesses - even if all you can afford is a like, comment or follow on social media. remember to thank those that are fighting this virus head on and putting their own health at risk. everyone's life is affected one way or another by this.

be kind. send prayers and positivity. take time to focus on things you're grateful for. meditate. breathe. we'll be stronger for it on the other side.

xo alexia


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